• In the Hearth of the Egypt White Desert

    Jean Luc Pardessus
    Campbell, Liebig & Petit Navire Chairman
    November 2009

    white desert

    «Eric and his team took us around rivers, oceans and summits for several years: team-buildings, french and internationals meetings , workshops… always organized with complet success. His methodology : great strictness in preparation, ever top challenging activities and a responsible attitude towards our pretty planet. My teams always were enthusiastic and try to keep personal links with Eric.»

  • Cold&Hot Trip
    January 2012

    Marc Luini
    Chairman Land Rover Jaguar France
    January 2012

    Cold & Hot

    «We gave confidence to Elovoyagers Vatea team in order to organize a «Cold&Hot» trip for our best car dealers, a group of about 45 persons. They invented for us an original trip between Quebec «snow desert» and Carribean turquoise ocean, with some strong points as a real snowcats rally-raid and a Class America regata. It was a great success concerning hotels and restaurants choice as well plane transfers , despite their great complexity.»

  • Team Building
    in the Alpes

    Hervé Guichard
    Chairman Manutan
    June 2012


    «Since many years, Elovoyagers used to organize team building sessions for Manutan company in several countries in the world .After Reunion Island in 2011, we returned inside hexagon borders, in Alps, for a stage around Trust and Confidence. Eric conducted himself this session, speaking about his Everest climber experience and brought us for a 2 days mountain adventure. A very efficient stage! »